French sounds at ToP/A2 Summer Fest

from French in Ann Arbor


The A2 Summer Fest is everynight for 3 weeks (except Mondays) and I'm there most of them! This night there's a local band playing that I thought would be appropriate for our group now that we've incorporated Arcadian sounds! The Appleseed Collective is a mix of the Hot Clubs of Paris with the sweaty soul of Dixieland, a couple blades of bluegrass, a pinch of ragtime beat, and a western swinging swagger and you've just conjured the sound of The Appleseed Collective.

We can meet at the Bell Tower facing the fountain at 7:30. Call/Text Laurie at 734-649-4192 if you're lost. Bring a jacket, chair/blanket, sunglasses and a picnic if you like!

Check out the rest of the schedule of events and let me know if you plan to go or if there's another Francophone-friendly act! i.e. June 26 is Maison Bleu

....desolée pour l'anglais!


J'ai etudie le francais depuis Jr. High et j'adore la musique du monde! Ce fete est mon favori parcequ'il grand et gratuit un peu! Je suis ici d'habitude chaque soir. joindres-moi!


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Mijo Pappas
over 8 years ago

J'aimerais pouvoir venir, Laurie, mais je ne suis pas sûre à cause d'un dîner qui risque de se terminer assez tard. En tout cas, tu raconteras...Merci!

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