Cutting Board Making

from Women.Design.Build


In this hands-on workshop, participants will work with various woodworking tools to create their very own cutting board!

Each participant will start with an 8" x 12" board of Brazilian Imbuia hardwood. From there, you'll learn how to cut, shape, and treat your board using the provided tools and materials. A few of the tools you'll work with are: jointer, table saw, mitre saw, drill press, router, and belt sander.

No previous tool experience necessary. The instructor will introduce tool basics and safety so you'll feel comfortable and confident while operating the machinery.

Must wear closed toe shoes and preferably pants. For long-haired ladies, bring a hair elastic!

Come to have fun and make something beautiful.

*Be sure to enter on the east 4th street side through a black metal gate, between Springdale and Allen St. There will be a Women.Design.Build banner at the entrance!


Furniture-maker, builder and owner of Edwood Studio: a cooperative shop space providing local wood workers and those without tools or space the ability to harness and expand their skills in a space stocked with tools, ideas, creativity and community.


I don't know how to use tools or make much of anything. I would like to learn.


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almost 2 years ago

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